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The Scott Cameron Story

Scott Cameron has become known as the worlds foremost Buddy Holly tribute artist and one of the "Greatest Aussie Guitarists" - Aussie Theatre Online.

Since he first picked up a guitar at the age of 5 he has captivated audiences not only around Australia but Internationally with performances in Miami, Florida, London, Spain, Singapore, NZ, Majorca, Vanuatu & New Caledonia.


Scott is most well known on stage as the Legendary 50's Texan Rock and Roller Buddy Holly, he has performed as Holly for the last 15 years in well over 3000 performances worldwide, His portrayals which has received raved reviews in the International smash hit musical Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story have been hailed by critics as "Magical", "Electrifying", "Amazing" & "Tony Worthy" In the past 15 years as Holly Scott played the lead role in 3 separate productions of the Buddy Holly Story musical totalling well over 500 performances in the one show, The musical took him all over the world, including London's West End. The last production of Buddy: the musical was a year-long 50th Anniversary Tour: "Buddy 50 years on", which toured Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide to outstanding reviews and standing ovations. Scott and the cast of Buddy were honoured by the city of Adelaide with a Civil Reception held in their name, the last time that happened was for the musical supergroup The Beatles.


Scott's magic on stage as Holly isn't just seen in the musical that shares the Texan legends name but in many concerts, productions staged worldwide including Memories of Buddy Holly, The Class of 59, Buddy: The Concert, The Buddy Holly Show, Elvis Meets Buddy, Buddy N Roy Together and Alone and More. It is in these productions Scott has Rocked on over 2000 times, worn out over 50 different pairs of paints and broken over 5 pairs of glasses!


Scott Buddy Cameron is held in high esteem and regarded as the Best Holly tribute artist in the world today by Buddy's Friends and Family like Peggy Sue Geron (The Peggy Sue), Maria Elena Holly (Buddy's Widow) & Bob Montgomery (Founding member of Buddy's first Band 'Buddy and Bob') But what does Scott think of that? "Well It's nice to be accepted by the people who know Buddy the best, but really for me, I'm just paying homage to a man who is and all ways will be my hero, a man who changed music forever, The first singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. Even at an early age, I wanted to be just like Holly"


With his career now in its 27th year, Scott has toured with and calls some pretty big Rock n Roll names friends including Glen Shorrock (Little River Band), Keith Urban, Brian Cadd (Axiom), Jade Hurley, Billy Thorpe, The Drifters, The Delltones, Tommy & Phil Emmanuel, Little Patty, Lonnie Lee, Doug Parkinson, Ross Wilson & more.


Winning awards for his role in Buddy the musical, His picture in the Tamworth Grace brothers Hall of Fame, 3 songwriting awards from Uni song Hollywood USA, Awarded as Entertainer of the year twice and winning the South pacific International song contest, Scott's drive and determination to always give the best clearly shine through all his work.


As a multi Instrumentalist, Scott is skilled in the Guitar, Bass, Double Bass, Violin, Banjo, Harmonica, Piano and Drums, But it's the Guitar where he really shines. Scott has become known as one of the best guitar players in the genre and his licks have appeared in countless records and tracks. His unique style, a fusion of Blues, Rock N Roll, Jazz & Rock from hero's like John Mayer, Eric Clapton, BB King & SRV is instantly recognizable with a sound and quality all of it's own earning Scott a spot as one of the most sort after guitar players in Australia. His version of Holly's 'Well All Right' is something truly special, a 7-10 minute indulgent guitar solo that has become one of the reasons to see Scott live on stage.


Scott is an accredited film / theatre actor graduating an AIDA (Australian Institute Of Dramatic arts) at just 10 years old, Scott played speaking roles in 3 motion pictures both cinema and independent since the age of 11 including "Over the Edge" 97.

Although most at home singing, with a guitar and a Texan accent, Scott has a flare for the creative side and pursues interest in all avenues of artistic expression, he is an accredited producer with his own recording studio and record label back on the Gold Coast where he has produced more than 10 of his own records and well over 40 other releases. Scott's studios "Qsound" are now one of the largest facilities with 2 control rooms, 3 Live rooms, 2 Iso Booths and recreation areas, including the very same SSL6000 console that mixed John Farmham's "Whispering Jack" album as well as many works for INXS, Silverchair, Thirsty Merc, Delta Goodrem & over 90 percent of most top 10's recorded in Australia between 1985 and 2006.

In 2007, having only just turned 21, Scott was given one of the ultimate musical experiences, Opening the State Of Origin game 1, in front of 54,000 football fans and an estimated 5 and half million TV Viewers and experience he will never forget.


15 years ago in 2004, Scott found his calling, His uncanny look and eerily similar natural voice as Holly meant he was able to take on the role of his very own idol. Scott's passion for Buddy is evident within a minute of speaking to him "It's amazing that in such a short amount of time he wrote so many massive hit song's. The best thing about playing Holly is hearing someone your own age say to you, you made me go out and buy Buddy's records and now I love him or seeing someone cry remembering having their first kiss to a Holly Song and when that man has been your hero since 8, being able to play him everyday is a dream come true.

With a career that has a list of credits longer than most twice his age you can't help but wonder, what will Scott do next?..

Scott is Nationally represented by Phoenix Touring Company.



Scott's Albums
The Little Legend 1995
Rodeo Brat 1997
Scotty 2000
Axmania 2001
Break Free 2002
Standing Shaking 2003
Buddy's Back 2006
Roadside Cafe´ 2008
Buddy: 50 Golden Years Later 2010
Buddy The Concert 2011
Behind The Glasses 2011
Class of 59 'The Official Cast Recording' 2012
Buddy N Roy 'The Official Cast Recording' 2013

Class of 59 "The offical Cast Recording 2019"

BUDDY LIVE (Coming in 2020)


Scott's Singles
Children Of Dunblane 1997
Action Not Reaction 2003
One Night In A Million 2003
Brute Strength 2004
I'm Not Superman 2006
The Watchmaker 2013
Hide Away 2013
Shining Knight 2013
Shadow Warrior 2013


Music Videos
Children Of Dunblane
I'm Not Superman



Artistic Influences? Buddy Holly, John Mayer, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, John Forgarty, Green Day, Bon Jovi.

Favourite Guitar Player? John Mayer, he's a genius at the blues and hands down the best guitar player of the 21st century
in my opinion, The speed of SRV with the soul of BB king and the Accuracy of Clapton, Mayer is a genius!

How Many Guitars do you have? At last count 24, My own SBC guitars creations, Fender Strats, Tele's, Limited editions, Gibsons, Maton's and other odd ones.

Other Interests? I'm a record producer and own Qsound Audio Services Pty Ltd, A large multi recording studio facility with the SSL console from Metropolis that produced INXS, The Whispering Jack album & most of the top music out of Australia from 1986 until 2012,  Qsound is also a live concert production company and is based in my home town on the Gold Coast. Oh and I Build Guitars at first just for me then others wanted to buy them after playing mine.

Favourite Songs? Peggy Sue Got Married - Buddy Holly | Anything by John Mayer Trio | Edge of Desire - John Mayer | Maybe Baby - Buddy Holly | Gravity - John Mayer | You Got It - Roy Orbison | Moody Blue- Elvis Presley | Vultures - John Mayer | Oh Boy - Buddy Holly | Centrefield - John Fogarty and I could go on way more!

Favourite Song you wrote? It's hard there is a new one of my latest album called Someday I'm quite fond of.

Favourite Movie? Man Of Steel (I'm a bit of a Superman Nut lol)

Favourite Food? Pasta.

Future Plans? I don't really approach my career with a set goal in mind, I have always lived by the philosophy that if I don't enjoy it, I don't do it and I have never found anything I enjoy as much as playing Buddy or playing blues / rock n roll on the strat so I'll continue to be Buddy for as long as I possibly can.